2021 SMRI visitors Dr Adam Piggott, Professor Murray Elder

The Sydney Mathematical Research Institute’s International Visitor Program offers an enriching experience for fellow mathematical scientists, fostering collaboration on a global scale.

This visitor program serves to connect mathematicians from diverse corners of the world to engage in meaningful discussion, exchange knowledge and ideas, and establish lasting connections with researchers in Australia.

Visitors to SMRI have the benefit of time for focussed research, the opportunity to present their own findings, and the chance to interact with local academics and other visitors. Successful applicants to the visitor program will be provided with a financial contribution towards their visit, practical resources, and opportunities for scientific exchange and discovery. SMRI can be found in the surrounds of the historic University of Sydney Quadrangle and is located only five kilometres from Sydney’s famous harbour.

Francisco Crespo

“It’s an excellent place to carry out research.” – Francisco Crespo, University of Bío-Bío (August–December 2022)

Iva Halacheva

“I’m really glad that this program exists and I hope it will continue for many years to come, because it’s a wonderful opportunity to meet both Australian mathematicians as well as other international visitors.” – Iva Halacheva, Northeastern University (June–August 2023)

Andrew Krause

“I would highly encourage early career people particularly to look into the SMRI as an opportunity to do something different, like a short sabbatical or a short break. I will definitely be looking at coming back.” – Andrew Krause, Durham University (June–July 2023)

The next IVP round will open in mid-December, and the application form will be posted on this page, at that time.

Please consider the Terms & Conditions – August 2023 IVP [PDF], though be advised that these are subject to change for the next round.

The following links may be useful for prospective applicants for finding a host: