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ICM2022 Down Under: Photo Gallery

The official International Congress of Mathematics 2022 was held virtually. In Sydney, SMRI recreated some of the usual spirit of the ICM. Our local event featured talks by the Australia-based invited speakers, presentations on the work of the Fields medallists, and interactive streaming of plenary and special session talks selected by the participants.

SMRI staff and visitors on the terrace

“Hendoff” for inaugural SMRI Exec Director Anthony Henderson: 19–22 April 2022

The Hendoff is a celebration of Anthony Henderson's manifold contributions to mathematics in Australia, through both his research and service to the community.
After over two years at the helm of SMRI and more than 20 at Sydney, let's send Anthony off in style!

MATRIX-SMRI Symposium: Nijenhuis Geometry and Integrable Systems, February 2022

This hybrid research symposium on Nijenhuis Geometry and integrable systems took place over 3–18 Feb 2022 online and at Creswick, MATRIX.
It explored Nijenhuis geometry and uses it as a link connecting finite & infinite dimensional integrable systems.

Singularities in Geometric Flows lecture

MATRIX-SMRI Symposium: Singularities in Geometric Flows, January 2022

This hybrid symposium on singularities in geometric flows was held over 3–14 Jan 2022 at Cresswick, MATRIX and online.
It focused on exciting recent developments in the analysis of geometric flows via soliton and ancient solutions.

9th Workshop on Integrable Systems

Integrable Systems Workshop, December 2021

The 2021 Integrable Systems Workshop took place over 2 – 3 December 2021, hosted by the University of Sydney's School of Mathematics and Statistics. This workshop brings together speakers on topics such as integrable systems, special functions, mathematical physics, discrete dynamical systems, and Painlevé equations.


Number Theory Down Under 9 Workshop, September 2021

Number Theory Down Under 9, a major number theoretic event in Australia, took place online through the University of Sydney over 27–30 September 2021.
This was the ninth conference Number Theory Down Under, a major annual number theoretic event in Australia. Watch the recordings online.

Representation theory's hidden motives

Representation Theory Workshop (Münster & Sydney), September 2021

Representation theory's hidden motives conference was held online through SMRI and at the University of Münster in September 2021. The goal is to foster new synergies in topics such as foundational aspects of the theory of motives, Tate motives on varieties of representation-theoretic origin, motivic aspects of the Langlands program, and motives of classifying spaces. Watch the seminar recordings online.

2021 Computational & Algorithmic Topology Sydney Workshop

The CATS 2021 workshop at the University of Sydney 19 – 23 July 2021 (online) explores computational and algorithmic topology and related areas. Watch the recordings online. Live talks will take place in 2022 (TBA)

Symposium with Martin Hairer, February 2021

Over 3–19 February 2021, we explored the mathematics of Fields Medallist and Breakthrough Prize winner Martin Hairer, Professor of Mathematics at Imperial College London, in the SMRI-MATRIX Online Symposium with Martin Hairer. The symposium featured talks by Professor Hairer on his work in stochastic analysis, as well as talks by Australian mathematicians across the country.