Jessica Fintzen

Interview with Jessica Fintzen

Jessica Fintzen's research interests include representation theory and number theory: two areas of mathematics with a mysterious relationship. In this interview, Jessica gives us a rundown of p-adic groups and their representations, and how they are connected to the Langlands Program. She also shares her mathematical motivations (and her talent for handstands).

Milena Radnovic

“Geometry: the archetype of beauty” public lecture and photo gallery

In this public lecture for Pi Day 2024, University of Sydney mathematician Associate Professor Milena Radnović explored the beauty of geometry. Watch the recording and view the photo gallery.

the Quadrangle cloisters

IMU-SMRI Mathematical Colloquia and Panels: 25–26 March 2024 at the University of Sydney

The Executive Committee of the International Mathematical Union (IMU) is visiting SMRI. We will host a series of events around the meeting over 25–26 March.

University of Sydney Quadrangle

Perspectives on Mathematics special semester 2024

The seminar series "Perspectives on Mathematics: Its Humanity, Culture, and Communication" will explore and illuminate the human side of mathematics. It begins on Friday 1 March and is organised by Francis Su and Stephan Tillmann.

Escher woocut: Circle Limit III

Pi Day 2024: public lecture & Sydney high school workshops

To celebrate the 2024 International Day of Mathematics (aka "Pi Day") on 14 March, SMRI organised three public events for all, including a public lecture on the beauty of geometry.

Dr Karl and Geordie Williamson

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WIMSIG Conference 2024: 1–2 October, University of Sydney

WIMSIG Conference 2024 will celebrate the achievements of women, trans and gender diverse people in the mathematical sciences, with plenary speakers and special sessions spanning pure mathematics, applied mathematics, statistics, and mathematics in industry

Yumi Stynes. Shireen Taweel, Stephan Tillmann

Art Gallery of NSW: Perspectives on geometry photo gallery

On 29 November, visitors to the Art Gallery of NSW heard about the intricate relationship between geometry and the world around us from the perspectives of artist Shireen Taweel and SMRI Executive Director Stephan Tillmann, moderated by Yumi Stynes.

Andrew Krause

Interview with SMRI visitor Andrew Krause

Applied mathematician Andrew Krause visited SMRI in June 2023. In this interview, Andrew discusses how to model biological processes and other dynamical systems, from human fingerprint pattern formation to Turing's theory of morphogenesis.

Panorama of Mathematics II

Reflections on the Panorama of Mathematics II

SMRI's communications coordinator attended the Panorama of Mathematics II (October 2023), meeting with conference organiser Professor Dr. Karl-Theodor Sturm to discuss the opportunities and challenges.

ARC DP24 University of Sydney statistics

University of Sydney mathematicians awarded with ARC Discovery Project grants for 2024

Congratulations to the University of Sydney mathematics staff and affiliates awarded grants for Australian Research Council Discovery Projects (DP2024 Round 1).

USyd quadrangle

International Visitor Program – 2023 round 2 Successful Applicants

SMRI congratulates 20 researchers in the mathematical sciences who were successful in the International Visitor Program 2023 Round 2.