December 2021: Nature publications “AI-guided intuition”

Nature cover: AI-guided intution

 University of Sydney news feat. Geordie Williamson (2 Dec): “Mathematicians use DeepMind AI to create new methods in problem-solving”
 The Conversation article by Geordie Williamson (2 Dec): “Mathematical discoveries take intuition and creativity – and now a little help from AI”
Nature News feature (1 Dec): “DeepMind’s AI helps untangle the mathematics of knots”
 DeepMind research blog post (1 Dec): “Exploring the beauty of pure mathematics in novel ways”
 New Scientist technology news article (1 Dec): “DeepMind AI collaborates with humans on two mathematical breakthroughs”
 University of Oxford news release (1 Dec): “Machine learning helps mathematicians make new connections”
 VentureBeat article (1 Dec): “DeepMind claims AI has aided new discoveries and insights in mathematics”
 TechCrunch article (2 Dec): “AI proves a dab hand at pure mathematics and protein hallucination”
 Article in Independent (2 Dec): “Scientists make huge breakthrough to give AI mathematical capabilities never seen before”

September 2021

The Science Show with Robyn Williams episode feat. Geordie Williamson & Nalini Joshi (25 September): “Science and the public good – mathematics”

August 2021

The Aperiodical coordinates the Carnival of Mathematics (CoM), a monthly blogging roundup hosted on a different blog each month.
The posts compile interesting recent items on mathematics from around the net.

Upcoming visitor Jessica Purcell‘s SMRI profile video featured in Number 196, hosted by ThatsMath.

Carnival of Math August

March 2021

March 2021 visitor Jared Field‘s SMRI profile video featured in CoM Number 191 , hosted by Fractal Kitty.

October 2020

 Geordie Williamson announced as Australian Museum Eureka Prizes finalist: “CSIRO Eureka Prize for Leadership in Innovation and Science: Professor Geordie Williamson”

June 2020

Quanta feature: Abstractions Blog feat. Geordie Williamson (9 June): “The ‘Useless’ Perspective That Transformed Mathematics”

Post about Quanta feature above on Peter Woit’s Columbia University Math blog (9 June): “An Advertisement for Representation Theory”

Nature News Feature feat. SMRI visitors (4 June): “Scientists’ worlds will shrink in the wake of the pandemic”

August 2019

Article by Geordie Williamson for Ockham’s Razor, ABC Science: (28 August): “Where do ideas come from? A mathematician ponders eureka moments and solving complex problems”

March 2019

Article published by AMSI in Research & Higher Ed news (25 March): “Beauty in numbers: Geordie Williamson talks maths, poetry and launching SMRI”

December 2018

Conversations with Richard Fidler, Sarah Kanowski feat. Geordie Williamson (4 December): “Life in 248 dimensions”

Profile in Virgin Australia Voyeur (1 December, p144): “Stars of 2018: Geordie Williamson”

November 2018

The Science Show with Robyn Williams episode feat. Sophie Calabretto (17 November): “University of Sydney opens new mathematics research institute”

Article in The Sydney Morning Herald (12 November): “Sydney University launches $6.5 million Global Mathematics Institute”

University of Sydney article (12 November): “Global mathematics institute launched at the University of Sydney”

July 2018

Article about Geordie Williamson in The Sydney Morning Herald (13 July): “Maths prodigy comes home to establish $5 million world-class maths centre”

Article about Geordie Williamson in The Sydney Morning Herald (12 July): “Australian mathematician becomes Royal Society’s youngest Fellow”

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