Jessica Fintzen

Interview with Jessica Fintzen

Jessica Fintzen’s research interests include representation theory and number theory: two areas of mathematics with a mysterious relationship. In this interview, Jessica gives us a rundown of p-adic groups and their representations, and how they are connected to the Langlands Program. She also shares her mathematical motivations (and her talent for handstands).

Andrew Krause

Interview with SMRI visitor Andrew Krause

Applied mathematician Andrew Krause visited SMRI in June 2023. In this interview, Andrew discusses how to model biological processes and other dynamical systems, from human fingerprint pattern formation to Turing’s theory of morphogenesis.

2012 Abel Prize winner Endre Szemerédi

Laureate interview with Endre Szemerédi

In September 2022, SMRI’s communications coordinator Larissa Fedunik had the privilege of interviewing 2012 Abel Prize winner Endre Szemerédi at the 9th Heidelberg Laureate Forum. Watch the interview with the renowned combinatorialist.

Francisco Crespo

Interview with SMRI visitor Francisco Crespo

Over the second half of 2022, Francisco Crespo worked on a project related to the full n-body problem, which refers to the motion of rigid bodies in space. Find out why celestial mechanics has fascinated mathematicians throughout history in this video interview.

Professor Matthias Lesch

Spotlight on spectral flow: Matthias Lesch

SMRI’s first visitor Professor Matthias Lesch and his Australian collaborators have recently published a paper on spectral flow in the Journal of Topology and Analysis.
Based at the Mathematical Institute of the University of Bonn, Professor Lesch spent three months at SMRI and the Uni of Wollongong in mid-2019.

Ivan Guo

Interview with SMRI visitor Ivan Guo

In this interview, Ivan Guo (Monash University) reflects on his recent SMRI visit and explains the models behind financial mathematics. He describes how transport theory applies to quantitative finance (as well as logistics and astronomy), how financial models are tested and debunks some misunderstandings about his field.

The Mathematics of Knots with Jessica Purcell

Jessica Purcell

Professor Jessica Purcell works on the interplay of hyperbolic geometry and 3-dimensional manifolds. In this SMRI interview, she describes the open questions she’s investigating and how her interest in mathematical knots began.

The video also features her University of Sydney collaborator Professor Stephan Tillmann.