Interview with SMRI visitor Ivan Guo

In this interview, Ivan Guo (Monash University) reflects on his recent SMRI visit and explains the models behind financial mathematics. He describes how transport theory applies to quantitative finance (as well as logistics and astronomy), how financial models are tested and debunks some misunderstandings about his field.

Jessica Purcell

Professor Jessica Purcell works on the interplay of hyperbolic geometry and 3-dimensional manifolds. In this SMRI interview, she describes the open questions she’s investigating and how her interest in mathematical knots began.

The video also features her University of Sydney collaborator Professor Stephan Tillmann.

Bronwyn Hajek

Associate Professor Bronwyn Hajek, applied mathematician at the University of South Australia, describes how she is motivated by the quest to solve tricky, obscure, unsolved partial differential equations.
In this interview, Bronwyn discusses her upcoming SMRI project with University of Sydney collaborators Dr Robby Marangell and Professor Martin Wechselberger. The researchers will apply Lie symmetry methods to model biological shocks.

Jared Field

Dr Jared Field, Mckenzie Fellow in Mathematics at the University of Melbourne, describes how mathematics and biology intersect.

Anna Romanov

Mathematician Dr Anna Romanov (Visiting Researcher, Sydney Mathematical Research Institute) discusses her research and path in mathematics, as well as how an undergraduate project of hers caught the eye of xkcd’s Randall Munro.

Nancy Scherich

Dr Nancy Scherich (Visiting Assistant Professor, Wake Forest University, North Carolina) discusses her research on braids, life as an early career researcher, and her experience combining mathematics with her love of dance. Dr Scherich was the 2017 winner of the Dance your PhD competition.

Nancy Reid

In the era of big data and machine learning, everybody is trying to extract the best quality information from their data. It’s a complicated task, but one statisticians have been working on for more than a century, long before anyone could even conceive of Facebook or Google. This is the field in which Professor Nancy …

Syarifah Nordin

Have you ever been driving down the highway and found yourself stuck behind a slow-moving car, blocking an otherwise fast-moving lane? When this happens to Dr Syarifah Nordin, Senior Lecturer at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, her mind jumps to mathematics. Dr Nordin works in operations research, the mathematics of decision-making. It uses a combination of analysis, …