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About the institute

Sydney Mathematical Research Institute is the first institute of its kind in Australia, brought about by generous philanthropic funding and the support of the University of Sydney. We provide a hub for visiting researchers in the mathematical sciences, where they can collaborate with Sydney’s world-leading researchers, and from which they can travel to other Australian universities and conferences. We also run events and public outreach programs connected to mathematical research. We act in concert with other institutes such as AMSI and MATRIX to bring about the greatest benefit for the discipline nationally.

Professor Stephan Tillmann, Executive Director

In my experience, progress in mathematics is the result of two ingredients. The first is time and focused effort, sometimes over years or even decades. The second is a rich ecosystem of ideas, which is often a result of collaboration. Our institute’s goal to provide both: we support researchers by giving them time and space to think within a stimulating mathematical environment.

Professor Geordie Williamson, Director

Visiting researchers

The institute’s visitor program funds more than 50 international visiting researchers each year to collaborate with mathematical scientists all over Australia. Our institute creates a vibrant and creative environment for visitors based in Sydney.

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 Sydney Mathematical Research Institute (SMRI)
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