Bronwyn Hajek

Shock me Amadeus: Interview with Bronwyn Hajek

Associate Professor Bronwyn Hajek, applied mathematician at the University of South Australia, describes how she is motivated by the quest to solve tricky, obscure, unsolved partial differential equations in this SMRI research profile.


Bronwyn has a particular focus on the use of Lie symmetry techniques to construct analytic solutions of nonlinear reaction-diffusion equations. She is motivated by many areas of application, including biological invasions, cell biology, viscous flow, and physical chemistry. Bronwyn has been involved in mathematical breakthroughs such as solving the Arrhenius reaction-diffusion equation and models for calcium fertilisation waves.  She is also an enthusiastic teacher of mathematics.

Bronwyn will visit SMRI as part of the Domestic Visitor Program in September 2021.

In this interview, Bronwyn discusses her upcoming SMRI project with University of Sydney collaborators Dr Robby Marangell and Professor Martin Wechselberger. The researchers will apply Lie symmetry methods to model biological shocks.

Larissa Fedunik-Hofman