Jared Field

An evolving career in mathematical biology: Interview with Jared Field

Dr Jared Field, Mckenzie Fellow in Mathematics at the University of Melbourne, describes how mathematics and biology intersect in this SMRI research profile.


Jared uses mathematics to understand questions in evolution, such as human longevity, why we sleep, how animals deal with risk, and the evolutionary biology of Indigenous kinship rules. His research incorporates life-history theory, evolutionary game theory, mathematical ecology and Bayesian decision theory.

Jared graduated from the University of Sydney with a Bachelor of Science with Honours in Advanced Mathematics in 2014. As a 2015 Charlie Perkins Scholar, he completed a DPhil in Mathematical Biology at Balliol College, Oxford, followed by his doctoral degree at Balliol College, Oxford University. He is a member of the Gomeroi clan of the Kamilaroi Nation.

Jared will visit SMRI as part of the Domestic Visitor Program over March—April 2021.

In this interview, he describes what motivates him to delve into these diverse research topics, including his SMRI project ‘Generalising Parent-Offspring conflicts’. He shares his experience at Oxford and career advice for researchers, including why data can make or break your career in mathematical biology.

Larissa Fedunik-Hofman