SMRI-Applied Maths Seminar, 13 May: Reinout Quispel – How to preserve properties of differential equations under discretization

SMRI Applied Maths Seminar
How to discover properties of differential equations, and how to preserve those properties under discretization
Reinout Quispel (La Trobe University)
Thursday, 13 May 2021, 10:30–11:30 AEST (Sydney)
Location: 374, Carslaw Building (University of Sydney staff, students and affiliates only) and via Zoom

Abstract: This talk will be in two parts.
The first part will be introductory, and will address the question:
Given an ordinary differential equation (ODE) with certain physical/geometric properties (for example a preserved measure, first and/or second integrals), how can one preserve these properties under discretization?

The second part of the talk will cover some more recent work, and address the question:
How can one deduce hard to find properties of an ODE from its discretization?

Bio: Reinout Quispel was an undergraduate at the University of Utrecht (the Netherlands) for nine years, before obtaining a PhD on the discretization of soliton theory from Leiden University in 1983. He moved to Australia for a three-year position in 1986 and is still there 35 years later. His main areas of expertise are in integrable systems and in the geometric numerical integration of differential equations. He was awarded the Onsager Professorship and Medal by the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in 2013.

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The seminar will be held online via Zoom. You will be sent a confirmation email with connection details.

This seminar will be recorded (participants only when asking questions) and made available on the SMRI Youtube channel.

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