ABC Science Live on Stage – Ockham’s Razor

Ockham's Razor

Be enthralled as brilliant scientists tell stories of their cutting-edge work. Real science told by real scientists with no notes, no slides – just great stories.

It’s all part of Ockham’s Razor – the ABC podcast for anyone with a compelling story of science. Expect a jam-packed evening of short talks to intrigue, excite and inspire.

Professor Geordie Williamson (Professor of Mathematics, University of Sydney) asks, “where do ideas come from?”

Dr Kate Selway (Earth Scientist, Macquarie University) seeks to unlock the secrets of the Earth’s composition from its surface.

Sheila Pham (Writer, Radiomaker, PhD Candidate, Macquarie University) examines whether we can use complexity science to improve the experience of pregnancy.

Dr Ursula Sansom-Daly (Clinician-Researcher, Clinical Psychologist, University of New South Wales) argues we need to bridge the divide between research and clinical practice.

Steve Cannane (Investigative Journalist, ABC) looks at the story of Scientology and science.

You can listen to Ockham’s Razor now via ABC Radio National, iTunes or wherever you get your favourite podcasts. Or, you can read the article.

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Aug 15, 2019
6:00pm – 8:00pm


$15, free podcast

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Powerhouse Museum
500 Harris St
Ultimo NSW 2007