Colloquium: Nancy Reid, In Praise of Small Data

Nancy Reid (University of Toronto) Statistical science has a 200-year history of advances in theory and application. Data science is a relatively newly defined area of enquiry developing from the explosion in the ubiquitous collection of data. The interplay between these fields, and their interactions with science, are a topic of lively discussion among statisticians. …

Nalini Joshi wins a 2019 Premier’s Prize

The Sydney Mathematical Research Institute would like to congratulate Professor Nalini Joshi, a member of our Scientific Advisory Committee, on winning the 2019 NSW Premier’s Prize for Excellence in Mathematics, Earth Sciences, Chemistry or Physics.

Cheryl Praeger wins the 2019 PM’s Prize for Science

The Sydney Mathematical Research Institute would like to congratulate Professor Cheryl Praeger on winning the 2019 Prime Minister’s Prize for Science. Professor Praeger, a member of our advisory board, is the first mathematician, and only the second person in the mathematical sciences, to be awarded the prize.

Successful applicants for the International Visitor Program – July 2019

Visit information up to date as of 23 September 2019 Sydney Mathematical Research Institute acknowledges the valuable contributions (financial and otherwise) to the International Visitor Program made by the School of Mathematics and Statistics at the University of Sydney and by the hosts and universities listed below. Nancy Reid (University of Toronto) Research interests: Theoretical …

This Sounds like Science: Why Music is Maths

Why do guitars, flutes and voices sound different? How do we hear the different notes in a piece of music? Why does the sound of a whistle feel simpler than that of a violin? Most importantly, what does all of this have to do with the cover of Pink Floyd’s “The dark side of the …

Gwyn Bellamy

Dr Gwyn Bellamy is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Glasgow, and is among the first visitors through SMRI’s International Visitor Program. Hailing from a small village on the Welsh coast, the school-aged Bellamy made the decision of where to study maths on a cattle showground, at a university careers fair in the village of Carmarthen.