Mathematicians recognised at the 2021 Australian Mathematical Society Meeting

SMRI congratulates mathematicians recognised with awards at AustMS 2021, the 65th Annual Meeting of the Australian Mathematical Society, which took place over 7-10 December 2021 at the University of Newcastle.

SMRI Scientific Advisory Committee member, Professor Serena Dipierro (University of Western Australia), has been awarded the 2021 Australian Mathematical Society Medal, for her research in the area of analysis and partial differential equations.

Professor Mathai Varghese FAA (University of Adelaide) has been awarded the George Szekeres Medal. One of Professor Varghese’s most influential contribution is the Mathai–Quillen formalism (formulated with Daniel Quillen), which has since found applications in index theory and topological quantum field theory.

The Award for Teaching Excellence (Early Career) has been presented to Dr Sarah Dart, Senior Lecturer in the School of Mechanical, Medical and Process Engineering at Queensland University of Technology.

The Gavin Brown Prize, which recognises outstanding and innovative research publications in the mathematical sciences, has been jointly awarded to Mike Meylan (University of Newcastle) et al. and Dr Brett Parker (Australian National University).

For more details and to read interviews with the awardees, visit the AustMS blog.

Larissa Fedunik-Hofman