Successful applicants: International Visitor Program 2022 Round 2

SMRI congratulates the following researchers in the mathematical sciences on their successful applications. There were 23 successful applicants in the International Visitor Program Round 2, which closed in August 2022.

As always, SMRI is grateful for the valuable contributions (financial and otherwise) made by the hosts listed below, both inside and outside our School. The selections were made by SMRI’s Scientific Advisory Committee.

The next IVP application round (2023 Round 1) will open in November and close in February 2023, for visits from mid-2024.

Visit information is up to date as of 25 October 2022. For current information, see the visitor list.

International Visitor Program 2022 Round 2

Professor Michael Bjorklund (Chalmers University of Technology)
Research interests: Dynamical systems, point processes and random measures, approximate group theory, random walks on algebraic structures
Visit Host: Alexander Fish (University of Sydney)

Professor Alexey Bolsinov (Loughborough University)
Research interests: Poisson geometry, Lie groups and Lie algebras, integrable systems, geodesic flows, Nijenhuis geometry
Visit Hosts: Holger Dullin (University of Sydney), Yuri Nikolayevsky (La Trobe)

Professor Jose Antonio Carrillo (University of Oxford)
Research interests: Nonlinear diffusions, aggregation models, chemotaxis, neuroscience, interacting particle systems, numerical analysis of PDE
Visit Host: Daniel Hauer (University of Sydney), Matthew Simpson (QUT)

Assistant Professor Anne Dranowski (University of Southern California)
Research interests: Geometric and categorical representation theory, algebraic combinatoric
Visit Host: Oded Yacobi (University of Sydney)

Professor Jitesh Gajjar (University of Manchester)
Research interests: Fluid Mechanics, hydrodynamic stability theory, asymptotic methods, triple-deck theory
Visit Host: Sharon Stephen (University of Sydney), Phillip Hall (Monash)

Dr Jérémie Guilhot (University of Tours)
Research interests: Hecke algebras, Coxeter groups, affine Weyl groups, Kazhdan-Lusztig cells, Kazhdan-Lusztig polynomials
Visit Host: James Parkinson (University of Sydney)

Assistant Professor Iva Halacheva (Northeastern University)
Research interests: Representation theory, combinatorics, low-dimensional topology, quantum algebra
Visit Hosts: Zsuzsanna Dancso (University of Sydney), Marcy Robertson (Melbourne), Asilata Bapat (ANU)

Dr Udo Hertrich-Jeromin (Vienna University of Technology)
Research interests: Relation between different (sphere-)geometries, symmetry breaking, surfaces/submanifolds in sphere geometries, special surfaces (minima, cmc, isothermic, etc), integrable geometries/transformations, discrete differential geometry, integrable discretization
Visit Hosts: Emma Carberry (University of Sydney), Wolfgang Schief (UNSW)

Dr Konstantin Jakob (Technical University of Darmstadt)
Research interests: Rigid local systems, geometric Langlands program, representation theory, Stokes phenomenon
Visit Hosts: Geordie Williamson (University of Sydney), Masoud Kamgarpour (University of Queensland)

Professor Sandor Kovacs (University of Washington)
Research interests: Higher dimensional algebraic geometry, singularities, moduli theory
Visit Hosts: Stephan Tillmann (University of Sydney), Behrouz Taji (UNSW)

Professor Jeroen Lamb (Imperial College London)
Research interests: Dynamical systems, random dynamical systems, bifurcation theory, machine learning, aperiodic tilings
Visit Hosts: Georg Gottwald (University of Sydney), Gary Froyland (UNSW)

Professor Emmanuel Letellier (Paris Cité University)
Research interests: Representation theory of finite Lie groups, quiver representations, character varieties
Visit Hosts: Kevin Coulembier (University of Sydney), Masoud Kamgarpour (University of Queensland)

Professor Udi Makov (University of Haifa)
Research interests: Data Science & Machine Learning methodologies in business, marketing, and risk management fields
Visit Host: Jennifer Chan (University of Sydney)

Professor Dragan Milicic (University of Utah)
Research interests: Semisimple Lie group representations, D-modules
Visit Hosts: Geordie Williamson (University of Sydney), Anna Romanov (UNSW)

Dr Jack Moore (Tongji University)
Research interests: Scaling of complex systems, spreading phenomena, network science, nonlinear time series analysis, causal inference, control of nonlinear systems
Visit Hosts: Eduardo Altmann (University of Sydney), Michael Small (University of Western Australia)

Professor Adam Parusinski (Côte d’Azur University)
Research interests: Real and complex singularities, algebraic geometry, o-minimal geometry
Visit Host: Laurentiu Paunescu (University of Sydney)

Professor Mihai Paun (University Bayreuth)
Research interests: Analytic methods, Kaehler geometry
Visit Hosts: Laurentiu Paunescu (University of Sydney), Behrouz Taji (UNSW)

Dr Ta Quoc Bao (International University, Vietnam National University)
Research interests: Stochastic processes, financial mathematics, insurance mathematics, financial risk management, copulas theory and applications, applied statistics and financial econometrics, probabilistic approach to number theory, stochastic differential equations
Visit Host: Tran Minh-Ngoc (University of Sydney)

Professor Bob Rink (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)
Research interests: Nonlinear analysis, dynamical systems, network dynamical systems, bifurcation theory, Aubry-Mather theory
Visit Host: Martin Wechselberger (University of Sydney)

Professor Francis Su (Harvey Mudd College)
Research interests: Triangulations of polytopes, geometric and topological combinatorics, game theory
Visit Host: Jonathan Spreer (University of Sydney)

Dr Anastasiia Tsvietkova (Rutgers University, Newark)
Research interests: Low-dimensional geometry and topology, computational topology, knot theory, 3-manifolds
Visit Hosts: Stephan Tillman (University of Sydney), Benjamin Burton (University of Queensland)

Professor Michael Wemyss (University of Glasgow)
Research interests: Algebraic geometry, noncommutative and homological algebra, resolutions of singularities and the minimal model program, deformation theory, stability conditions, homological structures and their representation theory, curve invariants, McKay correspondence, Cohen–Macaulay modules, finite dimensional algebras and cluster-tilting theory
Visit Hosts: Anne Thomas (University of Sydney), Daniel Chan (UNSW), Tony Licata (ANU)

Professor Holger Wendland (University of Bayreuth)
Research interests: High-dimensional approximation, kernel-based discretisation methods, mesh-free methods for PDEs
Visit Hosts: Beniamin Goldys (University of Sydney), Quoc Thong Le Gia (UNSW)

Larissa Fedunik-Hofman