Maths, AI and intuition with Geordie Williamson: Photo Gallery

15 March 2021: Just one day after Pi Day (the International Day of Mathematics, 14 March) Sydney Ideas and SMRI joined forces to present Maths, AI and intuition, a public talk featuring SMRI Director Professor Geordie Williamson, with event MC Adam Spencer. You can watch the recording of the event on YouTube or listen to the Sydney Ideas podcast episode:

SMRI also produced a short video about the collaboration between Professor Williamson, Oxford University mathematicians and AI lab DeepMind. The researchers are using DeepMind’s machine learning algorithms to develop fundamentally new techniques in mathematics. Read the University of Sydney news article and view more press on the SMRI in the News page. You can also join the conversation on Twitter.

Event photo gallery

All photographs by Nicola Bailey.


Larissa Fedunik-Hofman