University of Sydney mathematicians awarded with ARC Discovery Project grants for 2024

Congratulations to the University of Sydney mathematics staff and affiliates awarded grants for Australian Research Council Discovery Projects (DP24 round 1). More information and project descriptions can be found on the ARC page. Project details:

Professor Alexander Molev: Quantum algebras with supersymmetries

Professor Dingxuan Zhou: Approximation theory of structured neural networks

Professor Andrew Mathas, Professor Catherine Stroppel: Categorification and KLR algebras 

Associate Professor Alexander Fish: Interplay between Ergodic Theory, Additive Combinatorics and Ramsey Theory

Associate Professor Pengyi Yang, Professor Patrick Tam: Assembling the building blocks in the blueprint of the embryonic head

Professor Beniamin Goldys, Dr Kim Ngan Le, Professor Dr Christof Melcher: Mathematics for future magnetic devices

Professor Eduardo Altmann, Associate Professor Tristram Alexander, Dr Olga Boichak, Associate Professor Tiago Peixoto: Learning the meso-scale organization of complex networks

Dr Christopher Lustri (with Professor Stephen Chapman, Oxford University, and Dr Sheehan Olver, Imperial College London): Creating Hybrid Exponential Asymptotics for use with Computational Data. Dr Lustri applied for this grant when he was still working at Macquarie University. 

Larissa Fedunik-Hofman