Professor Geordie Williamson

SMRI Director Geordie Williamson awarded Australian Laureate Fellowship

Geordie Williamson has been awarded an Australian Laureate Fellowship to unlock the secrets of modular representations. The project aims to increase our understanding of the fundamental symmetries of discrete structures, such as those present in computer science and cryptography.

Kostiantyn Ralchenko and family with Stephan Tillmann and James Lawson

Farewell afternoon tea for visitor Kostiantyn Ralchenko

On 8 June, SMRI hosted an afternoon tea to farewell Ukrainian mathematician Kostiantyn Ralchenko. Kostiantyn and his family came to Australia through the support of SMRI's Ukrainian Visitor Program for displaced mathematical scientists.

National Science Week: twisting somersaults public lecture & maths workshops

The August events will include a public talk by University of Sydney mathematician Professor Holger Dullin, who'll explore the mathematical phenomena of twisting somersaults. Plus, Geordie Williamson onstage in "Doctor Karl and Friends: Innovation & Beyond".

Tiger Bruhat

Maths and machine learning

SMRI Director Geordie Williamson and a team of mathematicians from Oxford University have collaborated with AI lab DeepMind, using machine learning to help prove or suggest new mathematical theorems.
Articles and podcasts discussing the Nature paper “AI-guided intuition” can be found here, along with the SMRI course "Machine Learning for the Working Mathematician".

Sydney Mathematical Research Institute banner

Successful applicants: International Visitor Program 2023 Round 1

SMRI congratulates 20 researchers in the mathematical sciences who were successful in the International Visitor Program 2023 Round 1.

2023 Women in Mathematics Day

Women in Mathematics Day 2023 “Olga Ladyzhenskaya” film screening

To celebrate Women in Mathematics Day on 12 May 2023, SMRI hosted a screening of the short documentary “Olga Ladyzhenskaya” (2022) by acclaimed filmmaker Ekaterina Eremenko.


WIMSIG Conference 2024: 1–2 October, University of Sydney

WIMSIG Conference 2024 will celebrate the achievements of women, trans and gender diverse people in the mathematical sciences, with plenary speakers and special sessions spanning pure mathematics, applied mathematics, statistics, and mathematics in industry

‘Duels & duality’ International Day of Mathematics public lecture recording & photo gallery

To celebrate Pi Day on 14 March, University of Sydney mathematician Oded Yacobi presented “Duels and Duality: A fable about the life and mathematics of Évariste Galois”. View the photo gallery here.

Pi Day events: public lecture & Sydney high school workshops

To celebrate the International Day of Mathematics 2023 (aka "Pi Day") on 14 March, SMRI organised three public events for all ages and levels of mathematics.
UTS and UNSW also hosted events to celebrate Pi Day.

Francisco Crespo

Interview with SMRI visitor Francisco Crespo

Over the second half of 2022, Francisco Crespo worked on a project related to the full n-body problem, which refers to the motion of rigid bodies in space. Find out why celestial mechanics has fascinated mathematicians throughout history in this video interview.

Dodecahedron on the SMRI terrace

Three postdoctoral research positions at SMRI: apply by January 2023

Postdoctoral positions at SMRI and USyd School of Maths and Stats: applications have now closed.

Dr Zsuzsanna Dancso, Professor Dror Bar-Natan (University of Toronto), Dr Nancy Scherich (Elon University) and PhD candidate Jessica Liu (University of Toronto)

2022 Toronto visitors: topological interpretations of knots, curves & more

In July 2022, international visitors from Toronto (Nancy Scherich, Dror Bar-Natan and Jessica Liu), visited SMRI to work on a topological algebra project with University of Sydney mathematician Zsuzsanna Dancso.
Watch our group interview, followed by individual interviews with Dr Scherich and Professor Bar-Natan.