Stephan Tillmann

SMRI welcomes new Executive Director Professor Stephan Tillmann for 2022

SMRI welcomes new Executive Director Professor Stephan "Tillus" Tillmann from the University of Sydney's School of Mathematics and Statistics, who will take up the position in January 2022.
In this Q&A with Professor Tillmann, he shares his vision for the Institute.

Singularities in Geometric Flows lecture

MATRIX-SMRI Symposium: Singularities in Geometric Flows, January 2022

This hybrid symposium on singularities in geometric flows was held over 3–14 Jan 2022 at Cresswick, MATRIX and online.
It focused on exciting recent developments in the analysis of geometric flows via soliton and ancient solutions.

Terence Tao

Terence Tao joins President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology

SMRI congratulates Professor Terence Tao, a member of our Advisory Board, who has been announced by President Joe Biden as a new member of the US President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology. 

9th Workshop on Integrable Systems

Integrable Systems Workshop, December 2021

The 2021 Integrable Systems Workshop took place over 2 – 3 December 2021, hosted by the University of Sydney's School of Mathematics and Statistics. This workshop brings together speakers on topics such as integrable systems, special functions, mathematical physics, discrete dynamical systems, and Painlevé equations.

International Congress of Mathematicians 2022 speakers announced

SMRI congratulates the invited speakers for the 2022 ICM (the most influential meeting in mathematics), including 3 who are Australia-based.

The Mathematics of Knots with Jessica Purcell

Jessica Purcell

Professor Jessica Purcell works on the interplay of hyperbolic geometry and 3-dimensional manifolds. In this SMRI interview, she describes the open questions she's investigating and how her interest in mathematical knots began.

The video also features her University of Sydney collaborator Professor Stephan Tillmann.

Helen Byrne

Professor Helen Byrne awarded 2021 Australian Laureate Fellowship

SMRI congratulates Professor Helen Byrne, a member of our Scientific Advisory Committee, on being awarded a 2021 Australian Laureate Fellowship through the ARC Laureate Fellowship Scheme.


Number Theory Down Under 9 Workshop, September 2021

Number Theory Down Under 9, a major number theoretic event in Australia, took place online through the University of Sydney over 27–30 September 2021.
This was the ninth conference Number Theory Down Under, a major annual number theoretic event in Australia. Watch the recordings online.

Representation theory's hidden motives

Representation Theory Workshop (Münster & Sydney), September 2021

Representation theory's hidden motives conference was held online through SMRI and at the University of Münster in September 2021. The goal is to foster new synergies in topics such as foundational aspects of the theory of motives, Tate motives on varieties of representation-theoretic origin, motivic aspects of the Langlands program, and motives of classifying spaces. Watch the seminar recordings online.

Professor Geordie Williamson

SMRI Director Geordie Williamson joins editorial board of Inventiones mathematicae

SMRI congratulates Director Professor Geordie Williamson on joining the editorial board of Inventiones Mathematicae.
Professor Williamson is the first mathematician working in Australia to be an editor of Inventiones, one of the highest ranking mathematical journals listed across numerous ranking systems

2021 Computational & Algorithmic Topology Sydney Workshop

The CATS 2021 workshop at the University of Sydney 19 – 23 July 2021 (online) explores computational and algorithmic topology and related areas. Watch the recordings online. Live talks will take place in 2022 (TBA)

Women in Mathematics day

International Women in Mathematics Day at the University of Sydney

The University of Sydney’s School of Mathematics & Statistics hosted an in-person and online event to celebrate Women in Mathematics Day on 12 May 2021, sponsored by SMRI and the University of Sydney.
The event began with a video screening of ‘Secrets of the Surface’, featuring Fields Medallist Maryam Mirzakhani.