SMRI Algebra and Geometry Online, 03 June: David Ben-Zvi – Boundary conditions and hamiltonian actions in geometric Langlands

SMRI Algebra and Geometry Online Seminar
Boundary conditions and hamiltonian actions in geometric Langlands
David Ben-Zvi (University of Texas at Austin)
Wednesday, 03 June, 11:00–12:30 AEST (Sydney)
Other time zones: Vancouver, Tue 18:00; Toronto, Tue 21:00; London, Wed 02:00; Berlin, Wed 03:00; Mumbai, Wed 06:30; Beijing, Wed 09:00

I will discuss some of the structures suggested by the physics of supersymmetric gauge theory of relevance to the geometric Langlands program. The discussion will include defects of various dimensions in field theory, with an emphasis on the role of boundary conditions and how they lead to the suggestion of a duality between hamiltonian actions of Langlands dual groups.

Attendees may also wish to watch some or all of the recordings of talks on relative Langlands duality given at MSRI by David Ben-Zvi earlier this year, but it is certainly not expected or required.

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A recording of this seminar can be viewed on the SMRI Youtube channel.

Stephen Morgan