SMRI Algebra and Geometry Online, 04 August: Sam Raskin – Tate’s thesis in the de Rham setting

SMRI Algebra and Geometry Online Seminar
Tate’s thesis in the de Rham setting
Sam Raskin (University of Texas at Austin)
Tuesday, 04 August, 11:00–12:30 AEST (Sydney)
Other time zones: Vancouver, Mon 18:00; Toronto, Mon 21:00; London, Tue 02:00; Cape Town, Tue 03:00; Mumbai, Tue 06:30; Beijing, Tue 09:00

This is joint work with Justin Hilburn. We will explain a theorem showing that D-modules on the Tate vector space of Laurent series are equivalent to ind-coherent sheaves on the space of rank 1 de Rham local systems on the punctured disc equipped with a flat section. Time permitting, we will also describe an application of this result in the global setting. Our results may be understood as a geometric refinement of Tate’s ideas in the setting of harmonic analysis. They also may be understood as a proof of a strong form of the 3d mirror symmetry conjectures in a special case.

This lecture will be self-contained, not requiring any pretalks.

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This seminar will be recorded and made available on the SMRI Youtube channel.

Stephen Morgan