Perspectives on Mathematics special semester 2024

The seminar series “Perspectives on Mathematics: Its Humanity, Culture, and Communication” will explore and illuminate the human side of mathematics—the culture(s) of mathematics, how we interact and do research in it, who we include, and how we communicate maths to students and the broader public. It is organised by Francis Su and Stephan Tillmann and will take place at the University of Sydney.

The seminar comprises five two-week blocks centred on a topic. Each block is followed by a free week that allows participants to explore the topic further or to attend aligned events.

The special semester will begin on 1 March and leads up to the International Congress of Mathematical Education that takes place in Sydney from 714 July 2024.

Please visit the website for suggested readings and viewing material, key presenters, and meeting times. 

Larissa Fedunik-Hofman